Weekly Update – 11/13/19
Hello Friends,

In a remarkable display of bad manners, the DNC scheduled the next presidential debate for the same night as our monthly meeting next Wednesday (11/20). We didn’t want anyone to miss out on the debate, and we certainly didn’t want anyone to miss our monthly get-together. So let’s watch the debate together. We’re starting earlier than usual – 5:30 p.m. – so if you can make it that early, please join us. If you can’t make it at 5:30, just stop by whenever you can.

We will provide pizza, snacks, and drinks. Also, we’ll have a fun activity for those who want to keep busy. Our postcard campaign for the CA 50 Congressional race is going strong, and we’ll have postcards and pens available for those who want to help.

Postcards, debate, pizza – what more can you ask for? The meeting, as usual, is at Sierra2 Center, 2791 24th Street, room 10. Join us at 5:30!

Donations for NorCal Resist

Thank you to all who have donated to us this month, as we are sharing a large portion of our donations with NorCal Resist to help with the incredible work they’re doing to help refugees in our area. They do everything from finding shelter to providing escorts to drive refugees to appointments and court hearings. If you donate through our Act Blue page before 11/20, your donation will help NorCal Resist. If you donate, you’re also eligible to win tickets to their December Pozole Dinner fundraiser on 12/14. (if you’d like more details on the fundraiser – you can check out the event page here).

SwingLeft Arizona Activities

CANVASS IN PHOENIX WITH SWING LEFT: Sign up to travel with our friends from Swing Left to canvass in Arizona. They’re a swing state and will be critical next November. Several trips coming up: February 8-9February 15-17. Click on the dates for details.

REGISTER VOTERS IN ARIZONA WITH SWING LEFT: Join Swing Left volunteers to register voters in Phoenix over a variety of dates. Voter turn out will make all the difference in this swing state.


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