February 10, 2021

Hello Friends,

We have some great news this week. Our Indivisible Sacramento candidates have won their Assembly District Delegate (ADEMs) races and will officially be delegates to the state Democratic Party. Congratulations to our Indivisible Sacramento friends Regina Banks in District 9, Harue Seki in District 8, and Shirley Toy in District 7, as well as all of the candidates who ran and won on the Progressive slates. In District 9, the Progressive Labor Alliance again won all 14 ADEM slots.

Thank you to all who voted in these elections. By sending our delegates to the state party, we have a chance to make sure that at least one of the two major parties will listen to the people and not big businesses or corporations.

Next Meeting

Our monthly meetings happen on the third Wednesday evening of every month. That means our February meeting will be on Wednesday, February 17th at 7:00 p.m. Our special guest this month is Tamie Dramer of Organize Sacramento.

This meeting will be on Zoom again. Here is the link to the Zoom meeting, or just go to Zoom’s website and enter meeting number 817 3826 3806.

Call Members of Congress

Right now the nation’s focus is on the impeachment trial. It is of course very important to hold Donald Trump accountable for his many crimes, and if the Senate can bar him from running for office again, that would be a huge victory for justice and human decency. It would be shocking if either of our senators voted not to convict Trump, but it can’t hurt to give them a call and remind them how important it is that this man never run for anything ever again.

Senator Alex Padilla – (202) 224-3553
Senator Dianne Feinstein SF Office – (415) 393-0707 (find Senator Feinstein’s other office numbers here)

If you have time to make two calls this week, remind our senators that we need to eliminate the filibuster so we can pass voting rights laws ASAP!

Finally, please take some time to call our members of the House of Representatives to make sure are planning to vote for a big COVID relief package. Everyone who got a check last time needs to get a check this time. And that check should be for $2,000. Right now any lawmaker who is advocating for a smaller stimulus is doing the country a disservice. Let’s make sure our representatives do the right thing:

Representative Doris Matsui – (916) 498-5600
Representative Ami Bera – (916) 835-0505

Thank you for all that you’re doing, and we’ll see you next week!

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