Here in California, many immigrant families are living in fear of Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” immigration policy and the ever-present risk of deportation and abuse. Here are some ways you can help.



On May 10, 2019, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) published a proposed rule that would prohibit “mixed-status” families from living in public and other subsidized housing. Please submit a public comment BEFORE JULY 9) opposing this proposed rule, which would break up families and destabilize communities. Under the proposed rule, families of mixed status would no longer be permitted to live in public housing. Members who are in the country legally would be allowed to stay in their home, but the analysis found that they would be unlikely to do so: The fear of a family separation alone — and displacing one or both of a child’s parents or guardians — would have the effect of driving the entire family, including children, to vacate.

Comments to this proposed rule are due July 9th. COMMENT HERE – DIRECT LINK.


Call your MOC to voice support for these bills:

  • S.397: The Shut Down Child Prison Camps Act
    A bill to prohibit the Department of Health and Human Services from operating unlicensed temporary emergency shelters for unaccompanied alien children. Read more.
  • S. 662: Fair Day in Court for Kids Act
    Introduced this week by Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) and 20 other senators, the AAP bill would ensure that no unaccompanied child is forced to represent herself in immigration court, requiring that they are provided with legal counsel at the government’s expense and no cost to the child. Roughly 50% of unaccompanied children have no one to represent them in immigration court even though children seeking asylum in the U.S. are five times more likely to succeed when represented by counsel.
  • H.R. 6: The American Dream and Promise Act of 2019
    The bill provides Dreamers and those with TPS a pathway to permanent residence and eventual citizenship. Read more


  • San Diego Rapid Response Network is comprised of an extraordinary coalition of organizations that together provide coordinated services to meet the complex needs of just-released immigrant asylum seekers in San Diego. Your donations, made through GO FUND ME or AMAZON will help this coalition continue to treat these families with dignity and exceptional care.
  • THE GODMOTHERS/LAS MADRINAS – The mission of this grassroots Sacramento group is to fill in the gaps when other public agencies can’t meet the needs of families with children 0-5 years of age who are experiencing homelessness or facing financial hardships  The families who are helped by the Godmothers qualify for help under the CalFresh and WIC guidelines. These programs allotments often don’t last through the end of the month, and that’s where the Godmothers step in by providing diapers, wipes, food, car seats, cribs, clothing, toys, and much more. You can help out by donating or volunteering.
  • EMERGENCY DONATIONS – The administration just announced that they are mass releasing families from detention centers along the border. For months they’ve kept families for longer than the twenty days they are legally allowed to, but now, they are suddenly mass releasing THOUSANDS of people with NO plans to ensure their safety.
  • ABUELAS RESPONDEN//GRANNIES RESPOND – Migrant families are traveling thousands of miles from central and south America to escape conflict, violence, and in search of a better life for their children. These undocumented families are being processed by ICE at the southern border and then released to join family or friends who may live in New York, Washington, or many points in between. Eventually, these families will go through the immigration court process.

    These families are provided a bus ticket by immigrant rights groups at the border, and perhaps a few dollars. When they reach Sacramento, either to join family, or as a stop on their bus trip, they usually haven’t eaten, have no money, and lack basic necessities like diapers, baby formula, toothbrushes, clothes, and blankets.

    In addition, one of our Abuelas Responden volunteers has created an Amazon wish list for our local group! Use the link below to donate much needed and much appreciated items, which will be provided to asylum-seekers as they travel through Sacramento by Greyhound on their way across several states to meet up with their sponsors and family members.

    Abuelas Responden is a local chapter of a national group responding to this humanitarian crisis, by being present at the bus stops with food, backpacks filled with necessities, and assistance for families who may be lost or confused about where they are supposed to be going next! NorCal Resist is raising funds to help them purchase more backpacks and supplies. NorCal Resist can also take your gently-used backpack donations, and if you are interested in being a volunteer to meet these families at the bus depot, email us at . Spanish (particularly Guatemalan dialect) is very helpful.


  • PEN FRIEND IN DETENTION – There are a number of immigrants in detention in Yuba who are requesting a pen friend! Our allies at Freedom for Immigrants (Faithful Friends/Amigos Fieles) can connect you with a pen friend who can truly use your words of solidarity and encouragement. Please email us at if you can write to someone. Specify if you would like to write in English, Spanish, Punjabi, or have another language skill.

  • VOLUNTEER WITH FAITHFUL FRIENDS: Are you interested in volunteering to provide detained immigrants with connection and support by making visits to them at the Yuba County Jail in Marysville? Faithful Friends/Amigos Fieles is a Community Visitation Program whose volunteers do just that. Visitor volunteers provide human connection and a regular outside presence for detainees. Volunteers can also help protect against human rights abuses in detention and ensure that each person in these facilities is treated with dignity.
    For more information or to request a volunteer training session, please contact Program Coordinator Susan Lange:
  • VOLUNTEER WITH BORDER ANGELS: Border Angels is an all volunteer, non profit organisation that advocates for human rights, humane immigration reform, and social justice with a special focus on issues related to issues related to the US-Mexican border. Border Angels engages in community education and awareness programs that include guided trips to the desert to place water along migrant crossing routes as well as to the border to learn about the history of US-Mexico border policy and experience the border fence firsthand.
  • A GUIDE FOR HELPING REFUGEES IN TIJUANA: Please read this informative guide, “Solidarity for Refugee Caravans in Tijuana,” especially if you or someone you know is planning to go to Tijuana to volunteer. This guide was created by folks who’ve been working on the ground to volunteer & coordinate donations. It includes comprehensive information on the various needs of the different shelters (Benito Juarez, Enclave Caracol, Casa del Migrante, etc.), whom to contact, and how to volunteering.


Please see the Solidarity with the Central American Exodus google doc, put out by the UU College of Social Justice, for additional volunteer, donation, and other opportunities to support migrants at the border.

The UUCSJ also shares this list of resources for background information on various facets of this issue:


  • American Civil Liberties Union: The ACLU has pledged to take Donald trump to court if he implements any of the policies he proposed that blatantly violate people’s civil liberties, including mass deportation of undocumented immigrants, punishing women for getting abortions, changing the country’s libel laws, etc.
  • National Immigration Law Center: The NILC provides legal support and defends the rights of low-income immigrants who live in the US.
  • Service Employees International Union (SEIU): An organization of 2-million members united by the belief in the dignity and worth of workers and the services they provide and dedicated to improving the lives of workers and their families and creating a more just and humane society.
  • Sacramento Immigration Coalition: A network of individual organizations that meet to share ideas and resources around the common goal of making lives better for undocumented people in the community.
  • Area Congregations Together (ACT)Sacramento ACT organizes to create a more just and fair community for everyone in the Sacramento region, with a particular focus on communities of color that have experienced historical discrimination and disinvestment.
  • RAPID RESPONSE TEAMS: Sacramento ACT, PICO, and the Sacramento Immigration Coalition are providing trainings to people interested in becoming legal and moral observers of ICE raids through their Rapid Response Network. Here’s how it would work: Rapid Response Protocol