Weekly Update – 10/23/18

What are you doing on Election Night? Is it more fun than spending the evening with us? Indivisible Sacramento and California Away Team are teaming up for an Election Night party at Kupros Craft House. We’ve reserved the rooms on the top floor for our get-together, and we’re providing appetizers and tacos.

The party starts at 7:00, and Kupros is located at 1217 21st Street. We aren’t charging or selling tickets, but please RSVP at our EventBrite page so that we can get an estimate of how many people will be coming. The eventBrite password is “bluewave.”

Reaching Out to Voters

We’re hoping to celebrate on Election Night, but we have plenty of work to do until then. Progressive groups from around Sacrameto have posted events on this calendar. There is something to do pretty much every single day until the election. So make a plan to make some phone calls or knock on doors.

Text Party

One easy thing you can do is send some text messages. We’re having a Text Party this Saturday from 3:30 – 5:30 p.m. We’re going to be sending messages in support of the Democratic Senate candidate in Tennessee, where there’s a once in a generation chance to flip a deep red Senate seat. We’re also hoping to get signed up to send texts for California and Florida candidates so that texters can have a choice.

The text party will be at a private home, so if you are interested, please reply with an e-mail to this address to RSVP.

California Away Team

And of course, California Away Team can always use volunteers. They’re going all out the weekend  before the election: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Please volunteer to help get out the vote in the crucial 4th Congressional District. Our efforts could put a Democrat over the top in that district for the first time since 1993.





Weekly Update 10/2/18

Hello, friends.

The election is only a month away, and we have a lot of work to do. But first, let’s take a moment to celebrate a big accomplishment: Governor Brown has signed SB 822 into law!

This is the most comprehensive net neutrality protection law in the United States, and it took a ton of work to pass it. Back in January, the bill’s author, Senator Scott Weiner spoke at our meeting, and a few months later, our membership chose this as the most important State legislation in progress. We showed up at the State Capitol for countless committee hearings so we could add our voices in support. We made hundreds of calls to our Assembly Members and Senators urging them to vote yes. When hostile senators – urged on by greedy telecom companies – tried to amend the bill to make it useless, we made more calls and demanded it be changed back. Finally, we reached out to the Governor and made sure he signed it. This is our victory, and we should be proud.


Now that we’ve patted ourselves on our backs, let’s get back to winning the November elections. The best way to win is to interact directly with potential voters. If you haven’t made any phone calls or knocked on doors yet, please join in. It’s much easier than you think.

There are events going on every single day in support of candidates. Check out Organize Win Legislate’s website for a listing of opportunities to help out (the calendar of events is at the bottom of the page).

And as always, we encourage you to get involved with California Away Team, who is working furiously to unseat Trump stooge Tom McClintock right in our backyards.

#CancelKavanaugh Vigil

Many people have asked if there are any events planned to protest the Kavanaugh nomination. There is a Solidarity Vigil planned for Thursday afternoon, starting at 5:30 p.m. It will take place on the West Steps of the State Capitol Building. For details, see the Action Network event page or the Facebook page.

Ballot Propositions

You may have an idea of which candidates you’re going to vote for, but do you know how you’re planning to vote on all of the ballot propositions? No worries – Indivisible/California State Strong has prepared a guide with recommendations on all 12 measures that will be on the ballot. The recommendations were compiled by dozens of Indivisible groups around the State.

Note: we apologize that Indivisible Sacramento did not participate in the vote for determining a position on these propositions; we unfortunately did not receive the request to vote in time.


Weekly Update, 10/25

Are you doing your part to help win the midterm elections? If you’re looking for ways to get involved, we have about a million of them:

Postcards for Jaclyn Moreno

First, we’re writing postcards for Jaclyn Moreno tomorrow (Wednesdayevening at 6:30 at the Round Table Pizza at 398 Florin Road. Jaclyn is a local Indivisible pioneer and an excellent candidate who is running for the Cosumnes Services District. It would be amazing to have an Indivisible leader elected right here in the Sacramento area, so come on out and join us for pizza and postcards!

Call the Governor to Pass Our Bills

As of Monday evening, Governor Jerry Brown still has not signed two very important bills: SB822 and AB3131. SB822 would establish the strongest Net Neutrality protections in America. And if California makes Net Neutrality the law, it will have benefits for people all over the country. AB3131 is sponsored by Indivisible. It is a common sense transparency measure that requires police departments to notify the public when they police military-grade equipment.

If you’d like to hear a recorded message from Indivisible with more details about AB3131, call 1 (833) 522-8923. You will be automatically connected to the Governor’s office after the message.

If you already know the details and just want to call directly, you can reach Governor Brown’s staff at (916) 445-2841.

Adopt a Vote Center – And More PostCards

Join us this Friday to write postcards to write postcards to voters through California Away Team for Congressman Ami Bera’s district, CA 07. You should also attend this event if you’re interested in helping to increase voter registration and turnout at Indivisible Sacramento’s adopted Vote Center. We’ve adopted the Marina Vista Community Center for this November’s election, and we will be holding a planning session for that effort while we write postcards. You can RSVP to attend at CalAway Team’s website. It is located at a private residence, so they’ll provide the address when you RSVP.

If you can’t make it on Friday but still want to help with the Adopt-a-Vote-Center project,please send an e-mail to Jill at jillmshall@gmail.com with the subject line “Adopt-a-Vote Volunteer.” We’ll add you to the e-mail list to keep you notified of activities and ways to get involved.

Phone Banks Galore

Postcards are great, but a phone call is an even better chance to connect with a potential voter.

Organize Win Legislate (OWL) is hosting local phone banks for a ton of great candidates around the country, including future Florida Governor Andrew Gillum and future Arizona Senator Kyrstin Sinema this weekend. Check out their Facebook page for details on upcoming phone banks.

And the Indivisible website has more chances to make calls to make a difference. You can call from the comfort of your own home. Go to the Indivisible.org phone bank page for details.

California Away Team

And what’s even better than a phone call? Talking to voters in person! If you haven’t volunteered for California Away Team yet, now is your chance. All you have to do is knock on the doors of registered Democrats who have had weak voting turnout in the past and remind them to vote this time. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s very low stress.

Click here to volunteer in Roseville or Cameron Park to help Jessica Morse defeat Trump-stooge Tom McClintock.

At this point, new events are popping up faster than we can post them in this newsletter. So make sure you keep checking our website to keep in the loop. You never know when we’re going to announce something you want to take part in.