VOTE.ORG – Everything you need to vote. You can register to vote … and more.

VOTE SAVE AMERICA – Use the VSA interactive voter tool to get information on propositions and candidates, fill out a sample ballot, and make a plan to vote.

BALLETOPEDIA – Look up what’s on your ballot.

VOTERS EDGE – Find non-partisan analysis of what’s on your local ballot, information about registration, and more. Use your address to get a personalized ballot. Get info on candidates and measures, and who supports them.

CALIFORNIA VOTER FOUNDATION – The California Voter Foundation is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working through research, oversight, outreach and demonstration projects to improve the election process so that it better serves the needs and interests of voters.

SAME DAY VOTER REGISTRATION TOOL KIT – California voters don’t have to miss an election again because of a forgotten voter registration deadline. Thanks to conditional voter registration, also known as Same Day Voter Registration, voters may register and vote right up to and through Election Day. Explaining changes in election administration can be complicated. Here we provide ready to use plain language resources.


Presentation on Ranked Choice Voting presented March 2021 by Paula Lee, League of Women Voters.