Want to put your money to work for a better democracy? Here are some suggested ways to help INDIVISIBLE and other progressive organizations move us to victory in 2020 and beyond:

INDIVISIBLE Sacramento – local grassroots engagement

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Action SF Red to Blue Senate FundAction SF is a local group focused on national elections. Their strategy is to identify Democratic Senate campaigns in states where both the Senate race and Electoral College race are very close, so that your donations can have double impact. Our Red to Blue Senate Fund allows you give one amount that will be divided equally and sent directly to the Democratic Senate candidates via ActBlue.

INDIVISIBLE National – national organizing arm of the INDIVISIBLE movement

VOTE SAVE AMERICA – Brought to you by the Pod Save America team – funds to help democratic primary winners, to end gerrymandering … and more

SWING LEFT – Progressive campaign to win in 2020 and beyond

SWING LEFT FLIPPABLE STATES FUND – All funds will go to the eventual Democratic nominees running for the most critical, winnable state-level seats in 2019 and 2020.

SWING LEFT SWING THE SENATE LEFT FUND – The Senate Early Impact Fund is laying the groundwork in eight competitive races for 2020.

SISTER DISTRICT – Progressive campaign for state and local races across the nation

THE LINCOLN PROJECT – This is an effective campaign against Trump headed up by anti-Trump Republicans. They are putting the Constitution over partisan politics, and to excellent effect. Take a look at a few of their videos … many of which are played as paid advertising on Fox News.

ACRONYMACRONYM runs innovative digital campaigns and invests in long term infrastructure for the progressive movement.