Want to put your money to work for a better democracy? Here are some suggested ways to help INDIVISIBLE and other progressive organizations move us to victory in 2020 and beyond:

INDIVISIBLE Sacramento – local grassroots engagement

INDIVISIBLE National – national organizing arm of the INDIVISIBLE movement

VOTE SAVE AMERICA – Brought to you by the Pod Save America team – funds to help democratic primary winners, to end gerrymandering … and more

SWING LEFT – Progressive campaign to win in 2020 and beyond

SWING LEFT FLIPPABLE STATES FUND – All funds will go to the eventual Democratic nominees running for the most critical, winnable state-level seats in 2019 and 2020.

SWING LEFT SWING THE SENATE LEFT FUND – The Senate Early Impact Fund is laying the groundwork in eight competitive races for 2020.

SISTER DISTRICT – Progressive campaign for state and local races across the nation

ACRONYMACRONYM runs innovative digital campaigns and invests in long term infrastructure for the progressive movement.