Given our proximity to the Capitol, INDIVISIBLE Sacramento has a unique opportunity to support state legislation that holds the line against the Trump agenda. In conjunction with CA StateStrong, the state legislative arm of INDIVISIBLE, we have chosen the following bills to support this year. Check our Events page for specific lobbying opportunities and phone calls – and check out the CA StateStrong link above for other specific action items. A phone call to your state Senator or Assemblymember regarding any of these is always effective. FIND YOUR STATE LEGISLATORS.

ONGOING – SB 822, NET NEUTRALITY – This bill is heavily opposed by the telecommunications industry. They almost killed it in the Assembly, but the bill remains intact (after a showdown over damaging amendments) and it will head to Appropriations in August.  Call your assembly member to voice your support for the bill today. Here’s a list of state legislators receiving money from ISPs.

ACT NOW to save SB 822. Time sensitive.