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COURAGE CAMPAIGN – Courage Scores grade California state legislators on their political courage (as evidenced by their votes on key bills in the previous session), revealing how well they stand up for their constituents over corporate lobbyists that exploit Californians, particularly the poor, disadvantaged, or communities of color.


  • SCA 2 – 2/3 bill: Repeals Constitutional requirement that new low-income housing projects be approved by voters in an election. (Housing, Economic Justice)

  • AB 20 – The Clean Money Act bans corporations from directly contributing to any candidate for elective office in California. (Democracy Reform)

  • AB 92 – Helps low income families with the cost of childcare by creating a sliding scale for childcare costs. (Economic Justice, Gender Justice)

  • AB 339 – Makes permanent COVID safeguards to ensure that state and local agencies, as well as the California State Legislature, provide both two-way telephone call-in and internet service-based options for all public meetings to facilitate equitable and accessible participation. (Democracy)

  • AB 937 – The VISION Act protects refugee and immigrant community members who have already been deemed eligible for release from being funneled by local jails and our state prison system to immigration detention. (Immigration)

  • AB 1177 – This bill creates the CalBank Program and the Public Banking Option Board to oversee and administer the CalBank Program. (Economic Justice)

  • AB 1295 – Prohibits the legislative body of a city or county from entering into a residential development agreement for property located in a very high fire risk area. (Climate Justice)

  • AB 1400 – Folds other public health care programs into “CalCare,” a universal single-payer health care coverage program and a health care cost control system for the benefit of all residents of CA. (Healthcare)

  • SB 2 – Creates a decertification process for peace officers. (Police Reform)

  • SB 17 – Declares racism a public health crisis and established the Office of Racial Equity (ORE) and the Racial Equity Advisory and Accountability Council, in order to address systemic and institutional racism. (Racial Justice)

  • SB 54 – Phases out the sale and distribution of single-use plastics by 2030. (Environment)

  • SB 56/AB 4 Health for All bills SB 56 would expand Medi-Cal to eligible adults 65 and over starting July 2022 and AB 4 would expand Medi-Cal to eligible adults 26-64 by 2026, regardless of immigration status. (Healthcare, Immigration)

  • SB 90/AB 1416 – The Ballot DISCLOSE Act: Parallel bills that would require the signers of the ballot arguments of statewide ballot proposals to be listed on the ballot itself each election. (Democracy Reform)

  • SB 271 – Would remove the requirement that a sheriff have law enforcement experience and allow any Californian eligible to vote to also be eligible for sheriff. (Criminal Justice, Democracy Reform)

  • SB 331: the “Silenced No More Act,” will prevent workers from being forced to sign NDAs related to all forms of harassment and discrimination. (Workers Rights, Gender Justice)

  • SB 379: Ensure’s that UC healthcare providers practicing in non-UC facilities are able to provide comprehensive reproductive and LGBTQ-inclusive healthcare. (LGBTQIA+)

  • SB 467 – Phases out and bans fracking; incorporates a 2500 foot setback for drilling in neighborhoods where people live and children play. (Environment)

  • SB 586 – 2/3 Bill: Repeals court and governing agencies authority to impose many fines/fees for people within the criminal justice system. (Criminal Justice)

*highlighted bills are also CA Dream Alliance priorities – learn more about the Dream Alliance here. See their full list of priorities here.

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