INDIVISIBLE Sacramento formed, along with thousands of other Indivisible chapters across the country, as a proactive, grassroots response to the election of Donald Trump and the ensuing attacks on democratic norms and institutions.

INDIVISIBLE Sacramento has a mission to defend those norms and institutions by sharing information with its members about current events and issues, promoting civic engagement and voter turnout, and communicating regularly with our elected officials. Here in Sacramento, we also support state legislation in defense of free speech, the environment and the civil rights of all people.

We are part of a nationwide coalition of groups that follow the basic principles of civic engagement as set out in the INDIVISIBLE GUIDE, a document written by former congressional staffers after the election to teach people how to engage effectively with their elected officials. Now that Democrats control the White House and both houses of Congress, INDIVISIBLE is committed to defending Democracy from the anti-democratic actions of Trump’s GOP. Trump is gone, but Trumpism is still a threat to us all. A blueprint for the work to come is written up in a new document:

INDIVISIBLE: A Practical Guide for Fixing our Democracy.

Everyone working in the Indivisible movement is a volunteer. All are welcome.