Elyse Metune

When Elyse Metune first started texting in early 2019, she had a dream of getting Elizabeth Warren elected as president. By January of 2020, when she met Susan Cooper at a text training meeting, she knew that texting was for her and that she wanted to help train others – and she’s been training texters ever since!

Now, even though Warren did not ultimately get the nomination, Elyse is more committed than ever to winning back the White House. Like all of us, she works with the hope that we will dump Trump in time to have a fighting chance to stop climate change and to get the COVID pandemic under control. With all the many crises we are having to weather, there’s no room for a half effort – so Elyse text banks and trains others to do the same in order to put Biden and other Democrats across the finish line on Nov. 3rd!

Of course, like all of us, Elyse struggles to find the time to balance her volunteer and family commitments, and she wishes she had even more time to give over to training. “I love sharing my knowledge … so I love being a trainer for Impact Text Team! But life keeps pulling me away …” Time frustrations aside, Elyse is the trainer that first brought many of you on board – so we think she’s done a great job of finding that balance!

One of the things Elyse likes most about being part of the Impact Text Team is seeing you all at our Saturday texting parties. She loves to see us all working together – and she especially loves a little bit of competition. (So keep posting your texting totals each day at #texting-team-chat on our Slack workspace!) Elyse also loves all that she has learned as a trainer, even when the lessons are a bit humbling. “It can be exasperating to train someone when their computer is really slow,” she says. “So I am getting my payback because now MY computer is on its last legs and is incredibly slow!” The lesson Elyse takes from this? “Be patient and work with what you have.” Words to live by!

Elyse continues to be inspired by the people she has met through the Impact Text Team. “You guys are the greatest! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to amplify my voice in these trying times we are sharing.” Thanks to Elyse for all she has given us in return!