Unlike some of our text team members who are retired, Ashley Gregg holds down a full-time job as a consultant from her home base in Roseville, CA. But despite her busy schedule, she decided in July that she really needed to take action to ensure a Blue Wave in November – and took the initiative to get trained as a texter. Not one to stand on her laurels, she upped her game a month later in August to become a trainer. “I wanted to do anything I could to help,” she says. “Texting is easy and a great way to get involved. I want to help others to be active as well.”

Ashley’s involvement with the training team came at a critical time. In August, requests for trainings were overwhelming our trainers. Getting Ashley on board pretty much saved the day! In her time as a trainer, Ashley has learned to meet people where they are in their understanding of technology. “My challenge was understanding that everyone has a different technology level,” she says, “And I’ve learned to train to the level each person is at.” The best part of training for Ashley? “Getting people up and running and knowing that the more of us there are, the more of an impact we can make together.”

Although Ashley must fit her time as a texter and a trainer in around a busy work schedule, she is finding it all to be rewarding. “Everyone I have met has been great,” she says. “It is wonderful to meet like-minded people all working towards the same goal.” Many thanks to Ashley for making time for us and for helping us to reach our ultimate goal – a big win in November – together.