In 2016, Wendy Kaplan was working to elect Hilary Clinton. An avid phone banker, she was looking for something more she could do to help. So this is how she found texting – in the difficult days leading up to the debacle of November 2016 that changed all our lives.

Now, she is back at it and continues to both text and phone bank for Democrats from her home in Sacramento. Starting in August of this year, she also started training new texters and helping to host our texting parties. Wendy now shares all she has learned over the years with new texters and is helping us to create a community where we can learn and grow.

As a trainer, Wendy finds it difficult sometimes to explain some of the technical jargon to folks but is delighted when they ultimately understand enough to get started.

When she is not talking to voters, Wendy enjoys ceramics, gardening, and photography. Never one to over-complicate things, her advice to new texters is the following: “Let’s let our fingers do the walking!” Or clicking, as it were. 😉

Thanks to Wendy for her willingness to reach out to voters both on the phone and through texts … and for sharing all she has learned with our text team!