For all of us, the election of 2016 was a call to arms. Olivia Sosa was no different, and that is where she began her career as a texter – and as a very active member of the Resistance. “After the horrible election of Trump, I began texting with Hustle.  I also participated in marches, phone banks, and post card campaigns … and now I am back to texting again on other platforms.”

As a retired teacher and administrator in K-12 education, Olivia knows a thing or two about communication. So, when she was asked to help out as a trainer, she stepped up and did what she knows how to do best – teach. And, even though she finds the technology problems she encounters as a trainer to be frustrating, she loves to help get people on the road to effective texting. “I feel rewarded when people I’ve trained get excited about texting and doing something to stop Trump and the Republicans,” she says. “Also,” she continues, “as a texter, it’s always nice when someone you’ve texted thanks you for the volunteer work you’re doing!”

When she is not working to save democracy, Olivia loves hiking, bicycling, and playing with her grandkids. Her message to her fellow Impact Texters? “I’m proud to be part of such a dedicated team!” Many thanks to Olivia for helping us work effectively toward a huge win in November!