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1. INDIVISIBLE Sacramento “Legislative Graveyard” Exhibit 

On June 10, INDIVISIBLE Sacramento installed a “Legislative Graveyard” exhibit at the State Capitol that represented the bills (many of them bi-partisan) passed this year by the House and buried by Mitch McConnell in the Senate. These are bills that haven’t event been scheduled for a Senate committee hearing. The 138 bills memorialized in this exhibit amounted to only about half of the total bills McConnell has killed so far. 


2. INDIVISIBLE members react to Mueller Report in SNR

3. Fox 40 News


Here are some resources to help you keep up with current events and to give them a bit of context: 

THE ABRAMSKY REPORT – On-line social justice newsletter by journalist Sasha Abramsky. He writes on issues of poverty, inequality, social justice, and the aberrancy of the Trump presidency. Both free and subscription content available.

CAFE BRIEF – Preet Bharara’s weekly news round-up on issues at the intersection of law and politics

CA StateStrong Newsletter – Analysis from INDIVISIBLE’s state legislative arm

CALmatters Newsletter – Weekly analysis of issues affecting California

PolitiFact California Podcast –  PolitiFact California examines claims by elected officials, candidates, groups and individuals who speak on matters of public importance.

ROBERT REICH Inequality Mediavideos on various subjects related to resisting the Trump agenda.

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