Weekly Update – 12/3/19

Can you join us this Sunday? We are looking for volunteers to help California Away Team talk to voters who could help swing a Congressional election next year. It’s easy – we’re just reminding people to vote and asking them to fill out postcards to themselves. If you’ve never knocked on doors to turn out voters before, CalAway is the best way to start, and they’ll teach you how to do it. If you’re a veteran canvasser, this is a great way to get back into it before 2020.

Please go to CalAway’s website to sign up. We just need two hours of your time, from 10:00 – 12:00 or from 12:00 – 2:00.

Pozole Fundraiser

Also a reminder that NorCal Resist’s Pozole fundraiser is happening on Saturday the 14th. Thanks to the efforts of all who donated, Indivisible Sacramento is a sponsor of this event. If you haven’t donated and would like to attend, it’s just $20 per ticket, and it goes to a great cause, helping refugees who have relocated to Sacramento.


Finally, remember to check out website’s events tab to find out about postcard parties and other great opportunities to help win the 2020 elections, such as the Sunday afternoon postcard events every week at 1033 S Street, or our next Wednesday evening postcard party, 12/11 at First United Methodist Church.



Weekly Update – 11/13/19
Hello Friends,

In a remarkable display of bad manners, the DNC scheduled the next presidential debate for the same night as our monthly meeting next Wednesday (11/20). We didn’t want anyone to miss out on the debate, and we certainly didn’t want anyone to miss our monthly get-together. So let’s watch the debate together. We’re starting earlier than usual – 5:30 p.m. – so if you can make it that early, please join us. If you can’t make it at 5:30, just stop by whenever you can.

We will provide pizza, snacks, and drinks. Also, we’ll have a fun activity for those who want to keep busy. Our postcard campaign for the CA 50 Congressional race is going strong, and we’ll have postcards and pens available for those who want to help.

Postcards, debate, pizza – what more can you ask for? The meeting, as usual, is at Sierra2 Center, 2791 24th Street, room 10. Join us at 5:30!

Donations for NorCal Resist

Thank you to all who have donated to us this month, as we are sharing a large portion of our donations with NorCal Resist to help with the incredible work they’re doing to help refugees in our area. They do everything from finding shelter to providing escorts to drive refugees to appointments and court hearings. If you donate through our Act Blue page before 11/20, your donation will help NorCal Resist. If you donate, you’re also eligible to win tickets to their December Pozole Dinner fundraiser on 12/14. (if you’d like more details on the fundraiser – you can check out the event page here).

SwingLeft Arizona Activities

CANVASS IN PHOENIX WITH SWING LEFT: Sign up to travel with our friends from Swing Left to canvass in Arizona. They’re a swing state and will be critical next November. Several trips coming up: February 8-9February 15-17. Click on the dates for details.

REGISTER VOTERS IN ARIZONA WITH SWING LEFT: Join Swing Left volunteers to register voters in Phoenix over a variety of dates. Voter turn out will make all the difference in this swing state.





Weekly Update – September 9, 2019

Hello Friends.

Remember to call your members of Congress and ask them to defund hate! They must not approve additional funding for Trump’s campaign to demonize and torture immigrants.

Learn How to Help Asylum Seekers

We heard a powerful presentation from Autumn Gonzalez of NorCal Resist at our last meeting. She told stories about the horrible challenges facing asylum seekers. NorCal Resist needs our help with accompanying asylum seekers in Sacramento. This could involve anything from driving an asylum seeker to an appointment to assisting them in completing an application for MediCal or an ID card. We’ve created a Doodle poll to get an idea of how many Indivisible Sacramento members are interested in a 90 minute training, which would prepare us to join NorCal Resist’s accompaniment team. Thank you in advance for completing this very simple poll. Just click on this link!

Postcard Event Wednesday

Come out and write some postcards on Wednesday evening! We’re mailing postcards to marginal voters in the 50th Congressional District so we can drive up turnout next year and unseat corrupt Congressman Duncan Hunter. Join us at 7:00 on Wednesday at First United Methodist Church, 2100 J Street.

Swing Left Weekend in Arizona

How would you like to make a difference in a big swing state? Arizona is right next door, and what we do now will help determine whether we can turn their legislature blue, flip a Senate state and take 11 electoral votes away from Donald Trump. Swing Left is partnering with Arizonans in the state’s 17th Legislative District in Phoenix. You can join them the weekend of October 26th! You can find more details and sign up here.

Virginia Letter Writing

Also from Swing Left, we have some opportunities to write letters to help flip the state legislature. They have elections this November, and it was as close as it can possibly can be last time. Check out their letter writing campaign ideas here and here.

Presidential Debate

The next presidential debate is this Thursday starting at 5:00. Just like last time, Swing Left, Indivisible Sacramento, and OWL will be gathering at Mango’s Restaurant (1930 K Street) to watch. And like last time, Indivisible will be polling our activists around the country to see who does the best job. If you’d like to opt in to Indivisible’s debate polls, text DEBATE to 97779.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is on September 18th at 7:00 p.m. Our focus this month is on gun violence, which is unfortunately a timely topic almost all the time now. We’ll feature a special guest speaker from the Brady Campaign. Our meetings occur the third Wednesday of each month in Room 10 at Sierra2 Center, 2791 24th Street.





Weekly Update – 7/8/19
Indivisible exists to fight back against the Trump Administration. We are here to make sure our Members of Congress hold him accountable for his crimes, from the blatant financial corruption to the unspeakable cruelty he is inflicting on immigrant children. Representative Rashida Tlaib is doing just that by introducing a resolution calling for the President to be impeached, and we need to voice our support for it. Please call your Member of Congress and urge them to support HR 257. Indivisible has some information and a call script if you would like to read more.

Representative Doris Matsui (916) 498-5600
Representative Ami Bera (916) 635-0505

Bills at the Capitol

It’s another big week for state legislation at the Capitol. A number of bills that Indivisible and State Strong support will be discussed in committee hearings. If you have time to come downtown during the day, we could use some voices to speak up. All you have to do is wait for the bill to be discussed, and then during public comment period, get in line, then state your name, say you’re representing Indivisible Sacramento, and tell them you support the bill. Here are the big ones this week:

AB32 – Ban on for-profit prisons. Public Safety Committee, Room 3191, 9:00 a.m.
AB1482 – Restriction on raising rents. Senate Judiciary Committee, Room TBD, 1:30 p.m.

AB1611 – Prevents surprise emergency room bills. Senate Health Committee, Room 4203, 1:30 p.m.

Lights for Liberty

Do you want to show support for the refugees who have been tortured and mistreated by the Administration? This Friday people across America will show up for the Lights for Liberty vigil. Please come out if you can. The biggest local event is at the Yuba County jail at 7:30 p.mPlease visit the event’s Facebook page for details, including information about carpools. For those who cannot make it to Yuba County, there is a smaller event being planned in Sacramento, but the organizers strongly encourage people to attend the one at the Yuba jail if possible.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is Wednesday the 17th. We’re pleased to welcome Colleen McCarty, Regional Director of Swing Left, as we prepare for a year of action. Not only are there elections to win in 2020, there are some important ones this year as well, as many states will be electing legislators who will help control redistricting. We should be back in our normal spot, Room 10 at Sierra2 Center for the Arts and Community, 2791 24th Street. Meeting starts at 7:00 p.m.