Weekly Update 4//9/18

Hello, friends.

Our monthly meeting is next Wednesday, April 18th at 7:00 p.m. We have a great meeting planned, as we’ll be hearing from two special guests. First, District Attorney candidate Noah Phillips will be talking to us. Then we will shift gears and hear from Valerie Bane of the Citizens Climate Lobby. Remember to join us at Room 10, Sierra2 Center, 2791 24th Street.

Tax March

Want to get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather this weekend? Good news: The Tax March is on Saturday. Last year we marched to protest Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns. This year we march to show our anger at the Tax Scam Bill that cut taxes on rich people and corporations. This march STARTS at the Capitol building at 10:30 a.m.Look for the Indivisible Sacramento banner if you want to march with us!

Voter Outreach

You’re going to want to get outside on Sunday, too. California Away Team is a great chance to get some sun and exercise. They’re reaching out to voters in Roseville on Sunday starting at noon. Cal Away Team is the easiest and least intimidating voter canvassing that you’ll ever do. All you have to do is talk to registered Democrats and ask them to fill out a postcard to themselves to remind them to vote. It’s simple and effective. Just visit their website to find details and RSVP.

The midterm primaries are less than two months away, and before we know it, November will be upon us. Now is the time to do everything you can do to help win the elections. No excuses. We need YOU to help us!

Interfaith Forum

After you spend this weekend outdoors, we have an uplifting indoor event planned for you the next weekend. Sunday, April 22nd is the date for our Interfaith Forum on the role of faith in the Progressive movement. We have invited panelists from a wide range of faith traditions and progressive groups such as the NAACP, Planned Parenthood, and the ACLU to talk about how we can all work together on common goals. The faith forum kicks off at 3:00 p.m. at First United Methodist Church in Midtown (21st Street and J Street).

Call To Oppose Trump’s Nominees

Two big nomination votes are coming up in the U.S. Senate. Mike Pompeo has been nominated for Secretary of State, while Gina Haspel is the nominee for CIA director. Indivisible has dubbed this “Trump’s War Cabinet,” because they are exactly the kind of advisors who would encourage Trump down the road to violence. Our Senators have expressed concern, but they have not yet declared an intention to vote no. Please call them and urge them to oppose both nominations.

Sen. Kamala Harris: (916) 448-2787
Sen. Dianne Feinstein: (415) 393-0707

Net Neutrality

Here in California, we have a chance to do something good. Back in January, Senator Scott Wiener came to our meeting and talked to us about his SB822, which would preserve Net Neutrality in California. Last month when we voted on which State bills to support, this was our top vote-getter. Now is our chance to help pass it, as it is up for a key vote in the Senate next week.

The Committee on Energy, Utilities, and Communications will be hearing and voting on the Net Neutrality bill that day. Please show up and support it if you can. The meeting starts at 9:00 a.m. in room 3191 of the Capitol Building. There will be many bills discussed that day, so we don’t know exactly when they’ll be talking about SB822. To be safe, get there early.








Weekly Update 2/5/18

Good evening, Friends.

Calls to Members of Congress

Take some time this week to learn about these issues and give your Members of Congress (MOCs) a call:

  • Cuts to Medicaid and Medicare. Paul Ryan has spent his whole life dreaming about making poor and middle class peoples’ lives harder. He is calling it “welfare reform”now, but it really means big cuts to programs like Medicare that millions rely upon. We need to stop this before it goes anywhere.
  • Trump is undertaking a “Nuclear Posture Review,” and he wants to waste more money and rattle sabres by building more nuclear weapons. 16 Senators, including Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinsteinhave signed a letter opposing this impulsive and dangerous move. Please call our Senators to thank them.
  • The Dream Act is still a top priority, since Congress has done nothing, and the March 5 deadline is coming fast. Senators McCain and Coons introduced a bipartisan immigration bill that includes protection for Dreamers and ignores Trump’s ridiculous immigration demands. Let’s get this bill up for a vote! Call both Senators and let them know about it.
  • If you still have some energy left after all that, take a moment to check out Indivisible’s page on the Nunes memo and Congressman Schiff’s response.

Here are contact numbers for our local MOCs:

Rep. Doris Matsui: (916) 698-5600
Rep. Ami Bera: (916) 635-0505
Sen. Kamala Harris: (916) 448-2787
Sen. Dianne Feinstein: (415) 393-0707

Next Meeting

We are pleased to announce that Assembly Member Kevin McCarty will be joining us at our next meeting! Asm. McCarty is a progressive ally, and he represents most of the city of Sacramento, as well as some other portions of Sacramento County.

The meeting will happen at 7:00 in Room 10 of Sierra2 Center for the Arts and Community – 2791 24th Street, Sacramento. See you there!

Graphic Designer Help Needed

We are looking for someone with some graphic design skills to help out with some projects. If you can help, please send an email to this address (IndivisibleSacramentoCA@Gmail.com). Thanks in advance!

Cal Away Team

California Away Team is working harder than ever to help win the midterm elections. They knock on the doors of Democrats who skipped past midterm elections so that they won’t make the same mistake this time. Right now they’re working on keeping Congressional District 7 (Elk Grove, Carmichael, Orangevale, etc.) Blue, and they’re also helping to make a progressive change in District 4 (which spans from Roseville to a big chunk of the mountains), which is currently represented by Trump enabler Tom McClintock.

There are volunteer opportunities in both districts this weekend! You can volunteer to unseat McClintock on Saturday and help in District 7 on Sunday. Check out their website for details on how to help!


Weekly Update 1/29/18

Good evening, friends.

Today has been a day of discouraging news, as Trump and his toadies continued their assault on Democratic norms. The Deputy Director of the FBI was forced to resign earlier than expected due to pressure from the Administration. In Congress, the House Intelligence Committee voted to release a bogus memo launching a hyper-partisan attack on the FBI, thanks to Chairman Devin Nunes. And Trump failed to implement sanctions on Russia, despite overwhelming bi-partisan support.

In times like these, we need to look to the future, and to each other for support. Over the past year, we have built an amazing community of dedicated activists in Sacramento and around the nation. Rather than get discouraged, we need to keep up our efforts. Together we are keeping American democracy alive. And this year, we will all come together to defeat cowardly Congressmen like Nunes, who are so afraid of their party’s big donors that they have stopped caring about our country’s freedom.

Thank you for standing with us. Thank you for being Indivisible.

Dream Act

The Dream Act is still a top priority for Indivisible nationwide. Please take some time to visit their website and learn about it if you’re not already familiar. California’s Senators are “Dream Heroes,” who have voted to stand with Dreamers. Please call them and thank them this week – even if you’ve already done so before. They like to hear from us when they’re doing a good job. And please urge them to keep up the battle to pass a clean Dream Act.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be held on February 21st at 7:00. Our meetings are the third Wednesday evening of every month at Sierra2 Center, 2791 24th Street in Sacramento.

California Away Team

If you want to throw out the bad legislators and keep the good ones, California Away Team is a great volunteer opportunity. Join them on Sunday, February 11th to knock on a few doors and reach out to registered Democrats who have skipped recent midterm elections. Find the details at their website.