The on-going battle against Trumpism will be won or lost on the digital playing field. Digital advertising and original content on social media makes a huge impression on swing voters. In a world where many people get their news off of Facebook, this makes sense.

As always, we will want to reach out to voters through social media to tell the story of all the great things that the Biden administration will be doing for the country. We have a positive narrative to share about hope for our citizens, the rule of law, and indeed, the planet. Let’s get it out to the public.

  • Check out the INDIVISIBLE Sacramento public FaceBook page – this is the one that anyone can see and use. The posts on this page are shareable, unlike those on our members-only group page. As we head toward a Biden administration, it’s important to use social media to show voters how Democrats are using the power the voters have given them.
  • Check out the DEMCAST resources to help flip the Senate Blue with the Georgia runoff election.


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