Weekly Update 5/7/18

Visit with Congresswoman Matsui’s Staff – Tomorrow

Tomorrow afternoon we’re going to have a chat with Congresswoman Matsui’s staff. It’s been awhile since we dropped in on them, and we have a lot of things to talk about. If you can join us at 2:00 p.m., we’d love to have you with us. Actually, it’s best if you can be there at 1:30 so we can all go into the building as a team. We’ll meet outside the main entrance at 501 I Street at 1:30.

Change of Plans – May 22nd

Unfortunately, our meet and greet with Secretary of State Alex Padilla has been postponed. We will not be meeting with him on May 22nd as planned. Secretary Padilla’s office is working with us to reschedule.

But let’s keep that date circled on the calendar anyway. We’re turning this event into a Postcard Party! We’re going to get a bunch of postcards, pens, and stamps and write to voters who can help us flip Congress. A hand-written postcard is much more effective for voter persuasion than a mass-mail advertisement. So join us Tuesday, May 22nd at 7:00 p.m. at the Arcade Library – 2443 Marconi Avenue. You can help make a difference!


Indivisible Sacramento is now accepting donations! If you would like to contribute, please visit our Act Blue page. Contributions will go toward general expenses like meeting room rentals, supplies for voter outreach and canvassing, and things like that. 85% of your contribution will go directly to Indivisible Sacramento, with the rest supporting Indivisible as a whole (we don’t mind sharing with the national team, since they’re doing some great work nationwide).

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is Wednesday May 16th. Our theme for the evening is poverty and economic inequality, and we have two special guests again. First, we’ll hear from Sasha Abramsky, a freelance journalist and author who has written extensively about poverty in America (including his most recent book “The American Way of Poverty: How the Other Half Still Lives“). Next, we’ll hear from a representative of The Poor People’s Campaign, a nationwide movement based on the work of Dr. Martin Luther King.

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