VOTE SAVE AMERICA ADOPT A STATE:  No matter where you live, you can directly support the work of organizers, volunteers, and candidates in the six key battleground states that will be most important to delivering a progressive majority in 2020.

VOTE FORWARD – Write letters to register like Dems in a variety of key states. You can do this from home – just print, write and send.

SWING LEFT ACTION FINDER:  Find out how to make a difference right now—whether it’s writing letters, knocking on doors, or donating where your dollars will make the biggest impact. Consider it your one-stop-shop for the smartest ways to take action this cycle, from wherever you live.

SWING LEFT VOTER REGISTRATION LETTER CAMPAIGN: Help write letters to register new voters via Swing Left’s voter-registration-by-mail program. You can do it from home or organize a party of your own!

VOLUNTEER WITH THE RECLAIM OUR VOTE PROJECT: Fight back against voter suppression in vulnerable states by phone banking, text banking, writing postcards, and driving or canvassing (if you want to travel).


  • SWING LEFT – Check out their SUPER STATE strategy for 2020
  • SISTER DISTRICT PROJECT – They are doing great work RIGHT NOW to flip key state legislatures blue in 2019.
  • OFA – Organizing For Action – Training and direct action for progressive causes