Weekly Update – 10/23/18

What are you doing on Election Night? Is it more fun than spending the evening with us? Indivisible Sacramento and California Away Team are teaming up for an Election Night party at Kupros Craft House. We’ve reserved the rooms on the top floor for our get-together, and we’re providing appetizers and tacos.

The party starts at 7:00, and Kupros is located at 1217 21st Street. We aren’t charging or selling tickets, but please RSVP at our EventBrite page so that we can get an estimate of how many people will be coming. The eventBrite password is “bluewave.”

Reaching Out to Voters

We’re hoping to celebrate on Election Night, but we have plenty of work to do until then. Progressive groups from around Sacrameto have posted events on this calendar. There is something to do pretty much every single day until the election. So make a plan to make some phone calls or knock on doors.

Text Party

One easy thing you can do is send some text messages. We’re having a Text Party this Saturday from 3:30 – 5:30 p.m. We’re going to be sending messages in support of the Democratic Senate candidate in Tennessee, where there’s a once in a generation chance to flip a deep red Senate seat. We’re also hoping to get signed up to send texts for California and Florida candidates so that texters can have a choice.

The text party will be at a private home, so if you are interested, please reply with an e-mail to this address to RSVP.

California Away Team

And of course, California Away Team can always use volunteers. They’re going all out the weekend  before the election: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Please volunteer to help get out the vote in the crucial 4th Congressional District. Our efforts could put a Democrat over the top in that district for the first time since 1993.

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