Weekly Update – 7/30/18

Yesterday marked 100 days before the midterm election in November. That means we now have 99 days to activate voters to flip the House and Senate; 99 days to convince people that their vote does, in fact, count; 99 days to fight for the fate of our nation now threatened by the Trump regime. On November 7th, it will be too late to act. Up until Nov. 6th, we have a chance to make a change.

Opportunities abound, from canvassing to phone banking to writing postcards – there is not a single one of those 99 days where you won’t be able to find a way to engage and help out. Most of our efforts will be in California, but we will also have opportunities to help in Nevada, where a vulnerable Republican Senator, Dean Heller, stands for re-election. Stay tuned.

Speaking of phone banking (and flipping districts)… On August 7th, Democrat Danny O’Connor could beat Republican Troy Balderson in a special election for this hotly contested congressional seat in Ohio. Swing Left is hosting a virtual phone bank for this race. Sign up here to make some calls.

After our last general meeting (with speaker Holly Cooper of the UC Davis Law Clinic), there was much interest in helping the child detainees held at the Yolo County immigration youth detention facility in Woodland. Holly meets with these kids regularly, and they tell her that they want three things: bottled water, blankets, and a break from prison food. Holly is willing to deliver donations of these items that we provide and will throw some pizza parties for the kids as money allows. So, to that end, we will be having a donation day this Saturday, August 4th, at the home of Ellen Chapman where you can drop off donations.
What: Donations of bottled water, new blankets, and pizza money for immigrant kids in detention in Woodland
Where: 1133 Marian Way, Sacramento (Land Park neighborhood)
When: Saturday, August 4 between 10am – 3pm

Our meetings are always the third Wednesday evening of each month, which means that our next one will be on August 15th at 7pm. We meet in Room 10 at Sierra2 Center, 2791 – 24th Street

With all this talk of midterms and canvassing opportunities, please remember to check in with California Away Team. The Cal Away Team canvassers knock on doors to remind registered Democrats who have skipped previous midterm elections to vote this November. They’ve been working away in CA-07 and CA-04 for more than a year. If you’re unsure about canvassing (who isn’t?), Cal Away Team is a great place to start. You’re just talking to registered Democrats to remind them to vote in November. That’s it – no difficult conversations or need to change anyone’s mind. Just a friendly reminder to vote and an offer to send a postcard as a follow-up.

Finally, remember to check out our website often! We have a plethora of information available, from upcoming events to daily action opportunities to voter information to archived speakers videos … the list goes on and on. Check it out here.

2 thoughts on “WEEKLY UPDATE

  1. First time Canvassing this weekend – in Roseville – w/”California Away” – GREAT EXPERIENCE – You don’t have to “convince” people. Everyone on the list is a registered Democrat – but “midterm-skippers” who need to be reminded to vote in non-presidential years. My experience was that everyone was glad to hear from us – and was really motivated to NOT skip THIS mid-term election. Also good feeling to be working in District that could actually “flip” from truly awful Republican – Tom McClintock – to really attractive Democrat – Jessica Morse – who just got three BIG endorsements this week: Barack Obama’s “Organizing for Action” – Emily’s List for wonderful women candidates – and Steve Schmidt (former Campaign Organizer for John McCain. Polls are narrowing – so every effort made in CA4 could really count. All that is needed is to “flip” 23 seats in the House – 🙂


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