2 thoughts on “WEEKLY UPDATE

  1. The “GRAVEYARD” is one of the most powerful visuals ever created to illustrate a political issue –
    (Particularly since Mitch McConnell has called himself “The Grim Reaper”)
    Since “One Picture is worth 1,000 Words” – Why is there no photograph on this website?
    If that is not possible – please provide a “link” to this Photo if it exists elsewhere online.
    “Graveyard” is a POWERFUL IMAGE that could be replicated in many communities all over USA.
    Indivisible Sacramento should receive recognition for creating this “Graveyard,”
    Please make Photos available to as many people as possible!

    Weekly Update – 6/9/19
    If you don’t already know how important it is to take back the Senate next year, please stop by the State Capitol tomorrow during the day. Indivisible Sacramento has created an eye-catching display: Hundreds of cardboard tombstones will be standing on the South lawn, each one representing a good, progressive bill passed by the House of Representatives this year that has been blocked from a vote in the Senate by Mitch McConnell. We want people to be fired up about our mission for the next year and a half. Yes, we want to throw Trump out of office, but it’s just as important to take back the Senate.


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